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The position of Financial Manager within an institution is very important, as the markets become more globalized and mainly more dynamic every day, the institution needs to have a professional focused on the area mainly for the institution to be able to grow, either organically or through acquisitions.

Financial Manager must mainly be ethical, always acting within the company’s ethical principles and current legislation. Be proactive in seeking new solutions and always following the strategy that increases the institution’s financial efficiency.

Having emotional intelligence and being a natural leader, that is, not being a leader, but rather a leader, knowing how to deal with all the diversity of teamwork in several different teams at the same time and especially knowing how to meet the interests of stakeholders.

Within its main activities are financial control, where cash flow needs to be controlled in a very detailed way, because what usually puts companies with financial problems is the lack of cash flow, with this the costs and expenses, together with profit margins, inventory control, always adjust accounts payable and accounts receivable, in the latter, be very attentive to customer credit analysis, in the case of installment sales and always check the liquidity of their term invoices in general and per customer.